We believe that a client relationship should be for life, so we invest in that relationship for the long term.

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Our organization maintains a constantly audited Safety Management System and risk management processes and procedures. Our rigorous operational standards exceed those mandated by the FAA. Maintaining our safety standards is the responsibility of each and every employee. Our approach is proactive, systematic and constantly evolving to track developments in our changing industry.

Safety is far more than just complying with regulations. It is a part of our culture that directs everything we do.


Quality and personalized service is the core of our organization. After delivering decades of safe, reliable air transportation we require a service culture in which only the best is good enough. 

We insist on the highest levels of professionalism to ensure that every aspect of our service exceeds expectations.

We believe that a client relationship should be for life, so we invest in that relationship for the long term.


Every decision that we make regarding your aircraft and your travel puts your best interests first. Whether it is an aircraft part being purchased, a pilot hired or a charter flight being scheduled on your aircraft—the decision is carefully evaluated to maximize the benefit to you. Likewise for our charter service clientele, every aspect of your trip preferences and flight are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

You can rely on us to maintain the highest standards of fiscal transparency in managing your aircraft. Our accounting system is designed to encourage an open exchange between you and our accounting department and we strive to maintain a level of trust to provide a solid foundation for an enduring client relationship.

We’ve designed our business to support yours, and are committed to working every day to making your aircraft ownership and personal air travel experience the most rewarding it can possibly be.


Larry B. Edeal

Larry B. Edeal

Chief Operating Officer and Director of Operations

Larry B. Edeal supervises Y2K Aviation’s daily operations and oversees all FAR Part 91 and 135 flight operations. Mr. Edeal has corporate and private aviation experience spanning more than three decades including leadership positions at TAG Aviation USA, Inc. where he served as Chief Pilot and Client Aviation Manager, Vice President, Flight Operations and Standards and Lead Captain encompassing responsibilities including safety, maintenance and procedural compliance, international flight operations, budget management, client security, and pilot and maintenance training.

Prior to TAG Aviation, Mr. Edeal served as Chief Pilot and Director of Operations for several corporate flight departments. His extensive experience in corporate aviation includes over fifteen years in Asia operating and managing fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft including six years with Mobil Oil Indonesia.

Mr. Edeal began his aviation career with the US Army. He served during the Vietnam War as Chief Warrant Officer and as a Pilot in Command on board the Huey Cobra Gunship and was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Distinguished Flying Cross. He is an FAA Check Airman for the Bombardier Global Express aircraft with 18,800 hours total flight time.

Glynn Norrenberns

Glynn Norrenberns

Chief Pilot

Glynn Norrenberns fulfills the role of Chief Pilot for Y2K Aviation. Glynn leads flight activities for all Part 91 and 135 flights.

Prior to joining Y2K Aviation, Glynn held leadership roles at TAG Aviation USA as a Captain managing domestic and international flight operations for Global Express, Gulfstream II and IV and Hawker 800 aircraft. Glynn also performed Training Officer duties including scheduling and recordkeeping and over-sight of all training activities for 91 and 135 pilots. Glynn was a member of the TAG Standards Team and conducted standards line checks to ensure procedural compliance in the field.

Glynn’s career began serving corporations as a Captain piloting Gulfstream, Jetstar, Westwind, and Beechcraft aircraft, flying domestic and internationally for both Part 91 and 135 flights. Glynn’s total flight time is 15,620 hours.

James Murray

James Murray

Director of Maintenance, Parts 91 and 135

James Murray (“Jimmy”) is responsible for the maintenance and reliability of the Y2K Aviation fleet. In addition to leading the technical team, he is responsible for airworthiness and regulatory compliance of the fleet.

Prior to his responsibilities at Y2K Aviation, Jimmy worked as a maintenance supervisor for TAG Aviation USA where he oversaw maintenance for Global Express aircraft including regulatory and safety compliance, parts inventories, and maintenance and repair scheduling. Prior to TAG Jimmy held an assistant maintenance manager position at Vulcan Flight Operations where he managed maintenance activities for a fleet of private jet aircraft.

Over more than two decades of maintaining aircraft, he has worked with aircraft ranging from the Piper Cherokee to the Boeing 757. Jimmy holds an Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic license, is a certificated IA and flight instructor.

Sara Culver-Truby

Sara Culver-Truby

Lead Flight Attendant

Sara Culver-Truby is responsible for delivering the highest level of in-flight service for our clients. In addition, Sara oversees all cabin safety initiatives to ensure our passengers enjoy a safe, as well as a comfortable trip.

Sara’s expertise focuses on client service and safety during long-range, international trips, often exceeding 12 hours in the air and multiple weeks in duration. With a true passion for service Sara anticipates and meets our clients’ requests while on-board the aircraft, whether locating that hard-to-find Swiss chocolate, the perfect cashmere throw, or preparing a delectable rack of lamb dinner for two.

Prior to Y2K Aviation, Sara worked as a corporate flight attendant at TAG Aviation USA for Part 91 and 135 flights. Previously Sara was a contract corporate flight attendant and a commercial flight attendant for Northwest Airlines.

Sara maintains FAA-approved corporate and commercial training on multiple types of aircraft and operations under Parts 91, 135 and 125.